Comic Book Award

The comic book award (Comicbuchpreis) of the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung is a yearly award for excellent unpublished graphic novels in German language that are about to be finished. It's dotation is 15,000 euros, a diploma and an exhibition. All finalists are being awarded 1,000 euros each.

The first call for applications started in 2014. The call starts every year on January 1 and ends on July 1.

The 2015 prizewinner: Madgermanes by Birgit Weyhe
The 2016 prizewinner: Vatermilch by Uli Oesterle
The 2017 prizewinner: Das Licht, das Schatten leert by Tina Brenneisen

For more detailed information please visit the German version of this website.