The Berthold Leibinger Zukunftspreis

Research involves developing the foundations for later technological change, but often involves a long lead time before results are seen. That’s why the Berthold Leibinger Zukunftspreis recognizes outstanding milestones in research, in this case, concerning the application or generation of laser light. Since 2006  it is awarded every two years together with the Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis. The 2018 prize money has been raised to 50.000 euros.

There is no application process for the Berthold Leibinger Zukunftspreis. Candidates can be nominated by former members of the jury, previous prize winners and scientific societies and groups as well as professional associations from around the world that focus on lasers or photonics. Please send nominations for 2018  to sven.ederer(at) by March 1, 2018.