Our Mission Statement

"Why does one establish a foundation? For reasons of charity or as an expression of gratitude for all the success one has had? As a reminder to future generations or to ensure lasting memory for one’s name? All of these factors may have some influence on the decision, but the strongest motivation is certainly the desire to support and foster special matters of concern.

Anyone whose economic success becomes public receives a wide range of requests to support projects in various areas. Some requests are granted, yet many cannot be fulfilled, either because of unsufficient means or because there are some projects the individual is reluctant to support.

A foundation adds structure to the philanthropic spirit. A foundation has policies that define the main activities to be sponsored, and it has a board that controls expenses. In our case, it is all about the support of science and culture, religion and social commitment.

These are broad fields, but we have already achieved quite a bit in all of them."

Professor Dr. techn. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Berthold Leibinger