Prälat i.R. Martin Klumpp

Martin Klumpp

Martin Klumpp studied protestant theology in Tübingen, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland, and carries additional qualifications in psychology for marriage guidance, as well as family and life issues. During his rectorate at the Hospitalkirche Stuttgart, he also established and managed the Hospitalhof training center. As the city dean in Stuttgart he was last the prelate of the Evangelische Landeskirche for the Stuttgart parish as well as the canon at the Stuttgart Stiftskirche.

Klumpp retired in 2005. While being named as co-founder and long-time volunteer at Hospiz Stuttgart, Klumpp’s work focused on discussion groups for people in mourning. Klumpp was also chairman of the development association, as well as chairman of the Verein Evangelische Ausbildungsstätten für Sozialpädagogik colleges in Herbrechtingen, Reutlingen, Schwäbisch Hall and Stuttgart.

In addition, Klumpp serves as deputy chairman of the Evangelische Seminarstiftung with protestant theological seminars in Blaubeuren and Maulbronn and he is a member of the board of trustees of the foundation Stiftung Evangelisches Stift.

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