Every commitment needs an orientation. The Berthold Leibinger Stiftung supports projects and institutions in the areas of science, culture, religion, and charity.

In the past years, the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung has funded many projects, each of them supported for a good reason. On the following pages, we would like to introduce you to some of them.

Cultural Heritage

Thomas Mann House

Transatlantic Partnership



Robert Bosch Hospital


Endowed Chair: History of the Effects of Technology

Support of Science and Research

In science, the foundation focuses on applied laser technology. We want to stimulate scientific effort by awarding international research and innovation prizes. Since 2011, the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung has furthermore endowed a chair at the University of Stuttgart, to support research concerning the interaction between science, technology, society, and culture.


Science Pub

Experience science in a completely different surrounding! At the science pub in Stuttgart, guests can participate in fascinating talks in a less formal setting. At one of the last events in January 2018, Dr. Simon Ripperger from the Natural History Museum in Berlin as well as the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, talked about “automated proximity sensing in small vertebrates: design of miniaturized sensor nodes and first field tests in bats.” The next Science Pub will take place in the fall 2018.

International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT)

sometimes referred to as "Physics World Cup," is a team-oriented competition between secondary school students. The Tournament has grown into one of the largest and most prestigious international physics contests with nations from all regions of the world competing annually. The participants present their solutions to scientific problems they have prepared over several months and then discuss their solutions with other teams. The roles of Reporter (Presentation), Opponent and Reviewer are graded by a jury consisting of international experts.


Cultural initiatives and activities are supported by the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung because culture is an invaluable part of social life. Our emphasis lies in the fields of music, literature, and history.

In music we fund singing from lied to choral. We also sponsor several orchestras and the education of the musically gifted.

In the area of literature we care for the estates of authors to be secured and developed in archives. We are concerned about the conscious use of language and wish for many people to be fascinated by theatre. Therefore we sponsor small regional theater groups and companies that perform in public spaces.

We support historical research from the Celtic culture in our region to the debate of National Socialism. History is a part of our cultural background. It is only once you know about history that you can detect causal relationships between facts.



moves their performances away from theater buildings into public spaces. The interaction between reality and theater enables the audience to experience art and thereby changes their view upon their everyday surroundings.

The Literaturmuseum der Moderne (modern museum of literature) in Marbach

presents contemporary as well as 20th century German literature in permanent and thematic exhibitions. Among its treasures are the manuscripts of Kafka’s “The Trial,” Döblin’s “Berlin Alexanderplatz,” Hesse’s “Steppenwolf”, Kästner’s “Emil and the Detectives,” as well as various curiosities from the authors’ inheritances.

PODIUM Esslingen

stands for a modern, ambitious and innovative music production beyond standard conventions. Spaces for special productions are created, where chamber music takes the center stage.
PODIUM is a stage for encounters in Esslingen, where multidisciplinarity comes just as naturally as internationality. It gives young and uprising European musicians the chance to discover new ways of performing in the 21st century.
PODIUM serves as a platform for cultural innovation, where everyone can take part: young people with different backgrounds take responsibility and engage themselves autonomously in the organization team.

Stiftsmusik Stuttgart

presents the weekly hour of church music at the Stuttgart Stiftskirche as well as the concerts of the Stuttgarter Kantorei, the solistenensemble stimmkunst and the Stiftsphilharmonie Stuttgart.

Akademie für gesprochenes Wort (Academy of the Spoken Word)

In times of the internet, the Akademie für gesprochenes Wort (Academy for the spoken word) gains cultural political meaning as an institution dealing with the spoken language in its full range. The Academy practices and amplifies a conscious usage of voice, language, and poetry in various events.


existed from November 1944 to February 1945 as a subcamp of the bigger concentration camp Natzweiler / Struthof in Alsace. Today, a sports ground can be found at the very same location. At least 186 out of the 601 Jewish prisoners died in this camp. They were forced to expand a secret airport for night fighters in Hailfingen. Many were killed through forced labor in the surrounding quarries, cold weather, poor clothing, hunger, beating and violence, lacking hygiene, vermin and diseases. Especially as they were already weakened through despair and grief for their relatives and their experiences in other concentration camps and transports.


Support of ecclesiastical projects

The Berthold Leibinger Stiftung helps to maintain and furnish churches and buildings of religious communities. They should be attractive places for gatherings in order to bring the community together. Other focuses of our activities in this field are church music and the furnishing of schools and seminars.


The new Bible Museum

in Stuttgart exhibits pieces such as the bible carrier from 1937 (picture).

Dorfkirche Passow near Lübz

was built as a neo-Gothic village church in 1868 by Theodor Krüger. Today, the church belongs to the protestant Lutheran congregation “Benthen und Granzin Dorfkirche Passow”

The German Evangelical Church Assembly

attracted thousands of people who came to Berlin in order to discuss topics concerning the church.

Social Commitment

It is the weak and the needy, who particularly need special help and attention. Often even a small contribution can have a big impact. The emphasis of our work lies in regional

Social Commitment

Haus Arche

(The Arch) offers a temporary home for the homeless and unemployed that have been released from Rottenburg penitentiary. It gives them a chance to start into a life in personal responsibility.


is an educational rehabilitation center for young adults affected by mental illnesses. Even though symptoms oftentimes remain as consequences of a mental illness, grund.stein works to enable and empower mentally-disabled people, allowing them to integrate in the society and live independently in the community despite any restrictions that may come with their diseases. These wooden stools are created by young adults at this rehabilitation center. More information at 07071 74506.

The MedMobil

can be found every Thursday at the Stuttgarter Schlossgarten from 5pm to 7pm to assist those with none or only limited access to health care.

How to apply for support

To ensure that your request will be processed quickly, please briefly describe your project to us. The following information should be included:

  • Name and address (person/institution)
  • Brief description of the project
  • Goals of the project
  • Possible co-sponsors
  • Cost and finance plan
  • Time frame
  • Reference to the foundation's areas of support
  • Your bank account information (IBAN&BIC)
  • For international applications: SWIFT, address of bank

We will review your application as quickly as possible and will let you know whether we will sponsor it. If possible, please send us a receipt for our donation. Please also provide us with final report as well as a report of the application of funds.

Please send us your request via mail or email.

We do not fund

  • Individuals
  • Celebrations and anniversaries
  • Stays abroad
  • Conferences
  • Ballet, dance
  • Film
  • Dolphin Therapy