Graphic Novels awarded by the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung

The Comicbuchpreis is presented annually for excellent, unpublished graphic novels in German language that are about to be finished. The jury selects one prize winner who receives 20,000 euros, a diploma, as well as an exhibition. Furthermore, several finalists are awarded 2,000 euros each for outstanding works. The first call for applications commenced in 2014. The call starts every year on January 1 and ends on June 30.

  • winner of 2015: "Madgermanes" by Birgit Weyhe
  • winner of 2016: "Vatermilch" by Uli Oesterle
  • winner of 2017: "Das Licht, das Schatten leert" by Tina Brenneisen
  • winner of 2018: "Blavand" by Tim Dinter and Thomas Pletzinger
  • winner of 2019: "Manno!" by Anke Kuhl
  • winner of 2020: "Sibylla" by Max Baitinger
  • winner of 2021: "ANNA" by Mia Oberländer

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