NUR:MUT - the social initiative of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation

"NUR:MUT" in English means "take courage". An appropriate name for a social initiative, because sometimes it takes just a bit of courage, a little push to change something for the better. 

The Berthold Leibinger Foundation wants to encourage people who work in the social sector in the German Bundesland (Federal State) of Baden-Württemberg to point out ideas, problems and suggestions for their work. New concepts and ideas to improve the situation in medical, pedagogical, nursing and caring jobs are invited. Even small steps can have a positive impact on employees, volunteers and persons they are caring for.  

From all entries, the NUR:MUT jury selects three winners every year. These winners will be supported by experts over several months to implement their concept in their working environment. Winning teams also receive 5,000 euros which can be used for internships in exemplary projects.

For more detailed information, please visit the German version of this website.