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Berthold Leibinger gives 100,000 euros for social purposes on the occasion of the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung’s 25th anniversary

Since its formation, the foundation has donated more than 16.3 million euros for science, culture, religious and social issues

25,000 euros each have been given to the Verein zur Hilfe in außerordentlichen Notfällen e.V. – an institution that provides help in extraordinary cases of need in Stuttgart, the Zentrale Schuldnerberatung of the EVA – a debt counseling of the Protestant church in Stuttgart, the project KISEL that supports kids of addicted parents at a psychological advise center in Bietigheim-Bissingen, as well as the Verein zur Förderung von Jugendlichen mit besonderen sozialen Schwierigkeiten – an institution that provides for young adults with social difficulties in Stuttgart.

With this choice, Berthold Leibinger emphasizes his commitment to those living at the edge of our society. In science, the foundation focuses on applied laser technology. The Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis has been called for internationally since 2000. It was complemented in 2006 with the Berthold Leibinger Zukunftspreis for research. Both prizes have gained international importance. Among other things this can be seen when looking at the jury: next to Charles H. Townes and Theodor Hänsch the third noble prize winner, Stefan Hell – himself former winner of the Innovationspreis 2002 – has now joined the jury.

Although the foundation rarely focuses on projects outside of Germany, the purchase of Thomas Mann’s former exile home in the US through the German Federal Government, created a new activity of support. The Berthold Leibinger Stiftung will subsidize the fellowships in Los Angeles for at least five years with 1.5 million euros. It also gives between 0.5 to 1 million euros for a bilingual catalogue about the history of the house, as well as an additional million to furnish the house.

Since 2011, the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung has endowed a chair at the University of Stuttgart, held by Reinhold Bauer, to support research concerning the interaction between science, technology, society, and culture. In the cultural sector, the foundation fosters mainly music and literature. Examples taken out of the musical area are for instance the Internationale Bachakademie, the Internationale Hugo Wolf Akademie, the Musik Podium Stuttgart, as well as the Podium Festival Esslingen, which attempts to convey serious music to a young audience. In 2014, the foundation has initiated the Comicbuchpreis, thus creating a space for this art form in Germany. It furthermore fosters purchases of literary estates through the Deutsche Literaturarchiv Marbach (German Literature Archive), theatre ensembles such as Lokstoff!, or the Akademie für gesprochenes Wort (Academy of the Spoken Word) in Stuttgart.

The Berthold Leibinger Stiftung also supports memorials and documentations concerning the history of National Socialism in Germany such as the ones in Leonberg or in Hailfingen-Tailfingen. The foundation further fosters the renovation of churches, whose small parishes that are low on members cannot manage the cost, as well as church music. In the social field, the foundation has supported the Hospiz in Stuttgart for over 20 years. Besides, it focuses on topics that are usually less attractive when it comes to public fundraising. Examples are a temporary home for unemployed and homeless, people who have recently been released from prison as well as a rehabilitation center for young adults after psychiatric hospitalization.

The Berthold Leibinger Stiftung has developed into a shaping force in the areas of science, culture, church, and social commitment. Over the past 25 years the foundation, formed in 1992 by Berthold Leibinger through private means, fostered projects with more than 16.3 million euros. The foundation’s assets amount to 16.6 million euros. It holds a 5 percent share of the Trumpf Group, which enables the majority of its activities.


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